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We offer a Unique Double Guarantees for tax preparation done at our firm. Here under we provide complete details of these guarantees and terms and conditions applicable to them.
  1. Brief Description of Guarantee (Subject to terms and conditions stated in paragraph (2):
  • Legally Lowest Tax: We guarantee that, based on the information provided by the client to us, if any CPA reduces tax worked out by us by change in tax treatment of any item of expense or payment by the client in any of our federal or state returns provided to the client, we shall payback 150% of the amount charged for such return by us.
  • No Penalty or Interest: We guarantee that IRS charges any penalty or interest on account of any mistake on part of our staff make mistake of law in claiming any deduction in your return, we shall get the penalty or interest abated or if we cannot do so, pay such penalty or interest up to amount of $5000.00.
  1. Terms & Conditions:
  1. This Guarantee is subject to following terms:
Results are subject to the information provided to us by the client. This includes details obtained both in interviews and from your written tax organizer. This condition applies whether details are filled out by our staff or by the client, and regardless of whether or not the client has signed his or her tax organizer as this form is often received by us by mail, Email, online file transfer, or FAX, details supplied over phone must be filled out by our staff, and occasionally signatures are accidentally omitted by the client. These conditions also apply to photocopies of the documents provided by the client.
  1. This guarantee does not apply in following cases:
      1. The client has been informed of a controversial matter and advised in advance that there are chances of disallowance of particular item.
      2. The client has insisted on claiming certain item despite our advice to the contrary.
      3. For any penalty or interest arising due to any information, estimate or facts submitted to us by the client proving to be incorrect, false, or baseless. We shall present the facts you give us in such a way as to maximize your tax savings. This Guarantee makes no promise, implicitly or explicitly, that we will audit your finances.
      4. For claims and deductions made by the client without adequate documentation or proof to offer the IRS.


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