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Compliance is a legal requirement


Before your new employee even arrives for their first day, there’s a lot to do. Most of the HR work will have been completed – contract signed, files updated. Now the focus is on payroll. As we’ve discussed in other payroll guides, there’s more to payroll than just paying your staff. Payroll covers hiring and firing, salary, leave dates, benefits, bonuses and other topics.

It's also directly linked to taxes and tax accounting. That means it’s covered by legislation. So if you don’t follow the law exactly, you could be prosecuted.

And it’s not just tax law. From completing the right forms to making the correct overtime payments, payroll is covered by laws every step of the way.

In this guide we’ll look at what payroll compliance involves. That way you and your new hire will be able to hit the ground running.
Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your fortieth, compliance matters. But how do you ensure you’re compliant with all payroll laws and follow industry-wide best practices? We will help you make the right choices.
SG Inc CPA provides an outsourced solution that helps to enable businesses to better manage the sensitive and time-consuming task of commercial employment and income verification as well as social service, immigration, and Workers’ Compensation verification. Versifiers can obtain qualifying employee income and employment information securely in seconds via the Internet or telephone. This automated process helps reduce costs for your organization and helps provide faster responses for your employees.

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